Dovere (Duty)

And welcome to this land,
where time is just one, speeches are wasted and nobody listens anymore.
And when the air is consumed, no one breathes anymore the money is no longer needed

Labirinti (Labyrinths)

Choosing again no longer matters
there is no difference between the sky and the room, it is useless to ask a thousand questions
every door you open is a road you choose
Just a nothing and you find yourself in history

Di Lei (HER)

She who listens and never answers
of her the silence I will distinguish
she caresses the useless sound
of her remains solitude

(To wake up)

All the evil I've done
in this time frame
like a nightmare has been repeated
it's just a matter of time.


I hate all those laws
all that is fashion
all that restrains my desire to leave a trace, an excuse, something

Inintitolata (entitled)

Unstable if I don't understand
unstable i don't react
Moody if I don't care
moody I am tense

Catastrofe Figura
(Catastrophe Figure)

He ripped the thread of my extinct memories breaking the rhythm
with his abstract temperaments
they are now within us.

iODiO Music Project



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